Lumiere (PC & QUEST)

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What you get and need

- The Product includes ->

Features :

  • Hue Shift, Strength, Saturation: (Eyes, Hair, Clothes, Tattoo, RGB Mode)
  • Black/White Switch
  • UV Tile Discard System: for way better performance!
  • Customizing Options: Abbs, Boob Resize Wheel, Clean Body, Oily Body, Outlines Toggle...
  • Contact Receivers: Boopable nose + Headpat reaction
  • Cute Kitty Plushie Toggle
  • SPS(DPS/TPS): 12 Orifices/Sockets (Mouth, Kitty, Butt, Hands L+R+Both, Steppies L+R, Feet, Booba, Thighs, Buttcheeks) The three ''holes'' open with blendshapes!
  • Wholesomevr's Lollipop!
  • Toggles: on everything!
  • Phys Bones: Colliders & Jiggles everywhere, everything grabbable (Incldues nose, cheeks and belly)
  • Face Gestures with Ear Movement! - no overlapping
  • Locomotion GoGo loco With Custom Emotes!

  • Headpat Reaction

  • Movable Nose :3

  • Cute Kitty Plushie

  • Face Gestures

Asset-Credits :

-Head: sleepyvrc (Hard edit Riyshin & me) -Body: Sugs#9795 (Edited by Bambivr) -Body Textures : Zinpia, yingyangvrc -Hair : Flexuh -Front Bangs : Nikkie -Ears & Tail : Nikkie -Gloves : doggystylevrc -Shorts : Peachanas -Shirt : Polygonemporium -Sweater : Apyr -Thigh Highs : Darcyvr -Shoes : Wheez3D -Beanie : wen3D -Onesie : gelw0 -Panties & Bra : Pursu -Socks : Four -Eyes : ryuohh (Nitro) -Glasses : Krinuts -Tattoos : Smoluni -Bell Choker : Apyr -Headpat Particles : kisustar -Bracelet : gmsbox -Cat Plushie : gmsbox -Rings : sockembopem -SPS + Lollipop : Wholesomevr -Gogoloco -BodyStrings : _nacho

Special Thanks :

Big thanks to Anahys, Bambi, Nacho

Rules :

1. Do not share/leak/rip my avatar, nor upload it to other's accounts without them buying the avatar aswell.
2. Must be uploaded and kept private at all times.
3. Do not resell my avatar in any way.
4. Not refundable.
5. Do not take parts of my avatar for any use and do not use my edits of assets. Everything is credited, buy/download from the respective creators. This includes textures and icons!
6. If you're buying an avatar for someone else as a gift, use the gift option provided by gumroad. Buying and sending it to them is not allowed. If you buy it for a quest user, tell me and I will either upload it for them myself or give you permission to upload it for them, and only them.
7. By buying you will get a personal, private license of this avatar.
8. Do not claim my avatar as your own.
9. Do not remove my name tags/watermarks.
10. Do not use my model and meshes, etc. outside of social VR games (VRChat, ChilloutVR, Helium, NeosVR). Exception: If you wish, you can convert them for V-Tubing with proper credit on your streams/videos after asking me.
11. STREAMING/YOUTUBE ETC. If you use my models for streaming, YouTube (or other similar platforms for videos, YES THE UNWHOLESOME KIND TOO), always credit with my full shop link ( ! If you only wear it on the side during a VRChat stream/swap to it, you don't need to credit at all unless someone asks. Only if you make it your 'main' avatar. For permanent videos you always have to credit tho.

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Lumiere (PC & QUEST)

51 ratings
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